Pride and Prejudice

What could have Elizabeth's response to Mr. Darcy's letter

If janes was to write a letter back to him.


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I think Elizabeth would have responded with regret about the way she has misjudged Mr. Darcy. Much of her thoughts are outlined in the following chapter. Elizabeth reads the letter several times "with a strong prejudice against everything [Darcy] might say." At first, she does not accept that Darcy actually thought Jane impartial to Bingley, nor does she want to believe Darcy's allegations against Wickham. She resolves not to think about it anymore and puts the letter away. She cannot help herself, though, and soon examines it again. After long deliberation, Elizabeth starts to see the potential truth in Darcy's account. She realizes that Wickham told a very personal story to a practical stranger (Elizabeth) with very little solicitation, and later spread that story to the whole town. Then, remembering his mercenary pursuit of Miss King, Elizabeth begins to realize that she might have misjudged Wickham. Once Elizabeth realizes how badly she has misjudged Darcy, she becomes ashamed of having been "blind, partial, prejudiced, [and] absurd."