Pride and Prejudice

What causes Elizabeth to believe Mr. wickham's story and what causes Jane to suspect it is not true?are there opinions formed on prejudice?


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Elizabeth forms a very favorable impression of Mr. Wickham, and converses with him at length during the evening. Elizabeth is curious to find out about the obvious animosity which exists between him and Darcy. Elizabeth already has her misgivings, and attraction, of Mr. Darcy. I think she is looking for a reason to jump to a conclusion hence a little "prejudice". Once again we see how Elizabeth's prejudgments of Darcy lead to a complete lack of objectivity. Of course, these prejudgments themselves are a result of wounded pride. Her hasty positive judgment of Wickham also seems to be closely connected with his ingratiation of her pride by choosing to converse with her over all the other ladies present. When, the next day, Elizabeth relates to Jane the substance of her conversation with Wickham, Jane refuses to think ill of either Wickham or Darcy, and assumes that they must in some way be mutually deceived.