Pride and Prejudice

Volume 1 / Chapter 11

I don't understand exactly what is going on in Volume 1 Chapter 11. I don't understand the conversation between Ms Bingley, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Can some explain what they are disputing about and what they are talking about with laughing.

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Caroline continues her attempts to attract Darcy, and even feigns a love for reading. She then walks around the room in order to attract Darcy's admiration. She fails to arouse his attention, so she invites Elizabeth to walk with her. She notices that Darcy puts his book down and watches them. The group converses about Darcy's character, and Darcy admits that he has a tendency to be resentful. Elizabeth chastises him over his admission that he never changes his first impression of a person.

Caroline's bid to garner attention from Darcy ultimately fails, as she makes herself look foolish, and actually stimulates the banter between Elizabeth and Darcy. Her plan was to entrance, but she ultimately alienated...... leaving Darcy to appreciate Elizabeth's quick wit and intelligence.