Pride and Prejudice

The narrator's comments on love at first sight vs. attachments founded on gratitude and esteem. What point is Austen making about the difference between these two bases for attachment?

page 200 chapter 46

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"Love at first sight," rarely lasts......... and theactions of the characters (couples) in this novels support Austen's claim that attachment is found in gratitude and esteem. Elizabeth and Darcy begin their relationship in anything but a "love at first sight" manner. In fact, you could even say they "hated" from first sight.

The point she is making through the example of the couples in the novel is that the relationships formed first in friendship, respect, mutual admiration and esteem....... those were the realtionships that had lasting power. The one flippant, lustful, love at first sight relationship portrayed was dismally unhappy and should be avoided.