Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice Exam..

1) Mr Bennet was a man who avoided confrontation and made his objections, when he expressed them, in a witty way. Choose one of the following characters and analyze the way he or she speaks: Elizabeth, Lydia, or Mr Wickham.

2)The original title of Pride and Prejudice was First Impressions. Describe Elizabeth Bennett's false first impression of Mr Darcy. Even after she knows him longer, why does her first impression of him continue.

3)Discuss the relationship between Mr Darcy and Mr Wickham. Explain what we learned about their shared history. Describe how their behaviors and what they tell Elizabeth differ, and what the truth reveals about their personalities. Give at least 2 quotations from the novel, citing the chapter and page numbers. Write at least 10 sentences.

4) Contrast Mr Darcy and Mr Collins. Focus their behaviors in society, their marriage proposals to Elizabeth, their reactions to her refusal, and their actions in the rest of the novel. Give at least 2 quotations from the novel, cutting the chapter and page numbers. Write at least 10 sentences.

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Hey there are too many questions for one space here. You need to submit each one separately. I'll do the first one here.

Elizabeth Bennet is a character who speaks her mind. For that era she could be considered a feminist who is quick to be critical of male motivations. She originally rebukes Mr. Darcy's rather lame proposal which startles him out of his patriarchal shoes. Elizabeth can pry and question as well as be short and to the point.She has wit enough to spar with the cleverness of gentlemen. Even when Elizabeth is in error, she first believes Wickham over Darcy, we still love her for her fiery rashness.