Pride and Prejudice

Mr.Bennet's clearly stated stance on the issue? When he spoke to Mrs. Bennet, what was his tone? What does his position reveal about his character, as well as about his relationship with Elizabeth?

Chapter 20

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When Mrs. Bennet hears that Elizabeth has refused to marry Mr. Collins, she entreats Mr. Bennet to force Elizabeth to change her mind. Mr. Bennet agrees to speak with Elizabeth, but actually tells her that he would never hear of her marrying such a man as Mr. Collins. Mrs. Bennet does not give up however, and continually attempts to persuade Elizabeth to accept the proposal. In the midst of all this confusion, Charlotte Lucas comes to visit. Eventually Mr. Collins accepts Elizabeth's refusal. Certainly mr. Bennet is like his wife. The prospect of Mr. Collins' wealth and social connections are at the heart of the matter. Elizabeth's personal feelings are not important.