Pride and Prejudice

Mr. Gardiner desired that Wickham should join the regiment in the north?

pride and prejudice

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True, Mr. Gardiner is please that Wickham will be leaving the Militia and joining a regiment in the North.

The principal purport of his letter was to inform them that Mr. Wickham had resolved on quitting the Militia.

"It was greatly my wish that he should do so," he added, "as soon as his marriage was fixed on. And I think you will agree with me in considering a removal from that corps as highly advisable, both on his account and my niece's. It is Mr. Wickham's intention to go into the regulars; and, among his former friends, there are still some who are able and willing to assist him in the army. He has the promise of an ensigncy in General ——'s regiment, now quartered in the North. It is an advantage to have it so far from this part of the kingdom. He promises fairly; and, I hope, among different people, where they may each have a character to preserve, they will both be more prudent.


Pride and Prejudice