Pride and Prejudice

Motivations for marriage

What differing motivations do characters in Pride and Prejudice have for getting married? what do you think is Jane Austen's view of these various motivations?

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Collins motivation for marriage could be considered that of family honor (well, I guess). His reason for wanting to marry one of the Bennet girls was to make up for the fact that he'd be inheriting the family home upon Mr. Bennet's death. A marriage with one of the girls would insure tham a home.

Wickham and Lydia are young and foolish, a lot of their motivation for marriage comes from budding sexual awareness. Their elopement is somewhat confusing, as the reader might just give Wickham credit for having fallen in love, but more than love..... his desire was to escape creditors. This would make the motivation for their marriage one of circumstances rather than love.

Bingley and jane, they're a love match from the beginning.

Darcy and Elizabeth, the last couple find true happiness after finally ridding themselves of preconceived notions. Darcy was a great guy, but he also tended to admire Elizabeth all while looking down at her. Elizabeth, on the other hand, reacts in defence and forms a dislike for the man she'll eventually marry. Fot them, it took awhile to move past all the problems, but they made it.


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