Pride and Prejudice

In the final chapter what do we learn about the various characters, one year later, remembering that this is a really a resume?

This is the part after we go through Elizabeth’s mind kind of and we see that she thought Darcy first found the most attractive about her.

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One year later, we learn that Mr. Bennet misses Elizabeth and visits her often. We also learn that Bingley and Jane moved to Derbyshire, in order to separate themselves from Mrs. Bennet and the Meryton relations...... they'd had enough, and it was time to move on.

We also learn that Kitty spends most of her time with Elizabeth and Jane, and that she has learned much through their examples. Lydia writes to Elizabeth to congratulate her on her marriage, however, her congratulations have an ulterior motive..... money to help Wickham. Neither Jane or Elizabeth broaches the subject with their husbands, but they do send Lydia money from their own allowances.

Caroline has dropped her resentful attitude toward Elizabeth in order to have the right to visit Pemberley..... appearances are everything.

Darcy's sister, Georgiana, forges are strong, genuine friendship with Elizabeth.

Darcy reconciles with Lady Catherine.

Darcy and Elizabeth remain extremely close to the Gardiners, who they credit for having facilitated their union.


Pride and Prejudice