Pride and Prejudice

how has Darcy's opinion changed about Elizabeth?What has caused him to make a more favorable opinion of her?What is keeping him from falling inlove with her?


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By the end of the novel, Darcy realizes that Elizabeth is the perfect match for him. What stands in his way include his social class consciousness, the fact that she rejected his first proposal (which did not fit with her belief in romantic love), and his inability to see her good qualities. Finally, after he sees her in comparison to other women, he realizes how perfect she is for him and goes back to her setting all his biases aside.

Darcy's attraction to Elizabeth only gets stronger as the novel goes on. Darcy, for his part, seems to have changed considerably since the day he proposed to Elizabeth. His cool reserve, haughtiness of manner, and extreme consciousness of class differences seem completely gone. Elizabeth is puzzled at this change, and cannot think what the reason for it might be. Could her approbation of his rudeness when proposing to her have made such a huge impact? There seems to be no other possible explanation. Darcy's regard for Elizabeth seems to be in no way diminished. I think there is the whole class structure and the fact that he has to win her over that prevents his "falling love".