Pride and Prejudice

examples of deceit

what some examples of deceitfulness/honesty. i need specific instances (examples) by specific characters!!!

sorry i'm asking so many questions!!!

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Austen's novels unite Aristotelian and Christian conceptions of virtue which includes traits of honesty and deceitfulness. She sees human life as purposeful and believes that human beings must guide their appetites and desires through their use of reason. For instance, Elizabeth almost loses her chance at happiness because her vanity overcomes her pragmatism. Lydia's lack of virtue is linked with her inability to control her passion and desire.

Most of these examples emphasize the importance of self-awareness. Without knowing oneself, it is difficult to develop virtue. Darcy and Elizabeth, two of the only characters who actually change in the novel, can only see past their pride and prejudice with each other's help. In the end, Austen links happiness to virtue and virtue to self-awareness.