Pride and Prejudice

Eliza declares the bath A. torture B. a treat C. indecent


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I think it is C

The answer is DEFINITELY B.

The question is asking whether Eliza finds Mr. Higgin's bath, in particular, a treat. It doesn't say bathing- it says "The bath", referring to the one she had just used.

Eliza says "I tell you its so easy to clean up in here! Hot water on tap, just as much as you like it, there is. Woolly towels, there is..." etc

She goes on to finish by saying, "Now I know why ladies is so clean. IT'S A TREAT FOR THEM." Key word- it's a treat.

The correct answer is, it's "a treat". She loved it.

(She did have a problem with the mirror, as she wasn't used to seeing herself naked, and/or not accustomed to the processs at all. But her overall bath experience was definitely a treat- she clarifies this by saying "Not ALL of the bath" met her approval/satisfaction- the mirror.

But again- the vast majority of the bath to her, was a treat. She came out looking, feeling, and smelling great and says so in her own words.

Aslan usually gives 99% great advice and helped me on some past homework especially on Pride and Prejudice. But they're wrong here unfortunately. I answered this question because I wanted to give something back after the homework help.


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