Pride and Prejudice

compare and contrast the marriages in the novel : Mr& Mrs.Bennet ,Lydia & Wickham, Charlotte Lucas & Mr Collins , Jane & Bingley , Elizabeth & Darcy


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Mr and Mrs Bennet have an unhappy marriage. Her husband doesn't love or respect her, but neither does she show him love or respect. He adores his daughters but has done nothing to insure their futures; Mrs. Bennet on the other hand is worried about nothing but sucuring their futures...... even at the expense of their happiness.

Charlotte and Mr Collins have a practical marriage. He needed a wife, and she wanted a husband.

Jane and Bingley marry for purely love related reasons.

Lydia and Wickham throw all caution to the wind. They marry not for love but for lust (desire)....... I find their marriage the saddest.

Elizabeth and Darcy........ they're in love; they worked through obstacles; they didn't rush, and they do love and respect each other.