Pride and Prejudice

acomplishment in shapter 1 2 3?

where is the acomplishment in those shapter?

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It's difficult to define exactly what an "accomplishment" entails. Certainly Mrs. Bennet's only purpose in life seems to be to get her daughters to marry "well". Mr.Bingley shows up. He is rich and single so I suppose an early accomplishment would be securing one of the Bennet girls a shot at him. In Chapter 3 Bingley brings four people back to the village, the most important being a single young man. All of a sudden we have accomplishment #2 on the role (yes, another husband prospect!) His name is Mr. Darcy and he is rich, well bred and good looking. Darcy, however, is rather suck on himself and his position. He seems to be matched with Elizabeth Bennet who is good looking but not much for social snobbery. So, nothing is really "accomplished" in the first 3 chapters, rather the potential accomplishments come into sharper focus.