Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Characterize Stephen's classmates.


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Young boy, student at Clongowes. Bully who pushes Stephen into the cesspool, which leads to Stephen becoming very ill. Stephen earns a little of the other boys' respect when he does not rat on wells.


Young boy, student at Clongowes. Stephen is sick with Athy in the Clongowes infirmary.


One of Stephen's best friends at university. Stephen trusts and respects him enough to share all of his fears and feelings with him. Intelligent and sensible, his questions help Stephen to understand himself. In the end, Stephen realizes that Cranly belongs in Ireland in a way that he doesn't; at this point, he realizes that their friendship will inevitably end.


Stephen's friend at university. Davin comes from good Irish peasant stock. He is simple and pleasant. Stephen is frustrated by Davin's unimaginativeness and his thick-skulled Irish patriotism, but something about Davin's nature touches him.


Stephen's friend at university. During a hurling match, Lynch obligingly listens to Stephen's theories about aesthetics.


Stephen's peer at university. McCann is deeply involved in politics and tries to get Stephen to sign a petition.


Stephen's peer at university. Temple is somewhat tiresome, sometimes self-deprecating but often abrasive or pretentious. He admires Stephen.