Poe's Short Stories

On the first paragraph of "The Tell-Tale Heart." What does it tell us about the narrator? What later event does it foreshadow? what problem does the narrator have with the "old man" and how does this conflict with the narrator's claim?

on the first paragraph

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The first paragraph told us that the narrator was unstable if not crazy. This really foreshadows the narrator's eventual mental disintegration. THe narrator hates the old man's bulging eye. The narrator claims he is not mad yet he wants to kill the old man because his eye bothers him.

The first paragraph of "The Tell-Tale Heart" shows readers that this caretaker doesn't hate the old man, he does not want the old man's riches, and he is actually quite fond of the old man. However, it was his eye that bothered him, and so he took it upon himself to get rid of the eye by getting rid of the old man. He claims that he isn't mad, but it's obvious that he is insane.