Poe's Poetry

What is a theme for Conquer Worm?

The theme must be about these examples. bewinged, bedight- Alliteration A play of hopes and fears, While the orchestra breathes fitfully The music of the spheres.- Rhyme Drowned in tears-hyperbole
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All of your lines feed into the themes to various extents. In its relatively brief five stanzas, "The Conqueror Worm" seeks to tell the allegorical history of mankind. Poe believed strongly in the aesthetic benefits of ensuring a unified mood throughout a poetic work, and he establishes the tone of his poem in the first stanza, as he introduces the image of angels "bedight in veils, and drowned in tears." The angels are associated with goodness and with Heaven, and their sorrow provides an early indication that the play will be a tragedy, although the protagonist has yet to enter the stage. As the play progresses to its completion, we find that humanity is merely a mass of faceless puppets who are victims to the true protagonist, the Conqueror Worm. In this tragedy called "Man," the Worm acts both as a particularly bloody Grim Reaper and as an interpretation of the evil serpent from the Biblical Garden of Eden. Unlike in most tragedies, however, the hero does not die but instead achieves victory, and the angels cannot help but mourn.