Poe's Poetry

Critics have suggested that, by taking the bird as such an omen and by reacting to it as he does, the student actually loses his chance of seeing the lost Lenore. Is this reading justified by the text?

The Raven questions.

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The narrator reacts to the Raven as one griefstricken and one who has hopes for the future "afterlife." He has, as many people do, questions about when/if there will be an afterlife. I am not sure that the text tells us whether or not he will see Lenore at some time in the future; I think the narrator continues to be baffled and still has no answer to his questions. Even before the Raven came, he felt that the answers to all of his questions were "do not know, cannot tell you, better luck next time." At the point in the poem, all the reader knows is that he is still sitting under the shadow of the raven, not getting any answers except "Nevermore."