Pilgrim's Progress

What reason is Christian not willing to die?

In chapter one of, Pilgrims Prigress, Christian tell Evangelist he is not willing to die for what reason? What was the burden? How has he become aware of this?


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In his dream, the author describes a man, Christian, with a heavy burden upon his back, crying in agony. His wife and children think that the man overreacting and dismiss him as ill. The man is extremely agitated by what he has read in his book (the Bible), which leads him to believe that, because of his sins, he has been condemned to die. The Evangelist comes and tells the man to embark on a pilgrimage, instructing him that the Wicket Gate is the first stop on his journey to deliverance. The man takes the Evangelist's word and flees in the direction of the shining light, even though his family calls for him to stay.