Pilgrim's Progress

The Pilgrim's Progress Storybook

I recently E-Published "The Pilgrim's Progress" Storybook. It is an illustrated 31 page booklet for little children. It is meant to be read as a story book by the parent to the child so that the parent may answer any questions that the child may ask concerning pilgrim's character and plight: (1) His burden of sin, (2) his finite existence.

Hopefully this will give the child a glimpse of God's plan for mankind and for the child as an individual.

Also I pray that the parent reading to the child will be reminded that we are only here for a short while, pilgrims passing through.

The book is currently available through Amazon Kindle as an E-Book. Hard copies are available through my website: UncleTerrysPlays.com.


I'm glad this forum is here and I hope to join in frequently.

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