Pilgrim's Progress

Do you think the character's actions fit their names?

The pilgrims progress

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yes, the characters actions do fit their names because every character we see, their name is what it all means. for example, we first see Christian. his name is Christian and he is a Christian because he is convinced of his sin. (his conviction is the burden on his back in the first paragraph.) after a while we see evangelist. an evangelist is like a minister and tries to lead people on the right way. evangelist pointed Christian to the wicket gate. when we meet faithful we notice that he is faithful in everything that he does. in vanity fair, the judge and the jury's names have nothing positive in them. we can see that the outcome is not positive either which definitely shows the character's actions fit their names. (their names are symbolism because whatever their name is that is what their character is like as well). was this helpful?


The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan



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