With Captain Wentworth a steady presence now, he and Anne can't avoid awkward meetings. Describe at least one of those meetings--what barrier remains between them? And how do Mr. and Mrs. Croft--i.e. Sophia and the Admiral--serve as a model couple in this

In Chapter 8

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The barrier between Anne and Captain Wentworth remains the break in their relationship. Anne and Wentworth were once madly in love before her family pressured to end their relationship because Wentworth had no family or fortune. After Wentworth comes back into the picture, Anne is nervous about seeing him again, and is happy to avoid it. When they do finally meet, things are a bit uncomfortable, but whereas, Anne is just as attracted to him as she was eight years before, Wentworth notes that he found her “so altered he should not have known [her] again” (41). As time goes on, they see each other frequently but speak very little.