Persuasion Chapter 6 Volume 1

Anne continues her stay with her sister Mary and Mary's husband Charles Musgrove. What role develops for her there, and what considerations enable the Musgroves to treat her as they do? How does Anne learn of the visit of her old flame Captain Frederick Wentworth?

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Kellynch Hall neglects Anne entirely, however, the “least agreeable circumstance” at Uppercross is that all parties treat her with “too much confidence” (30). All too often, Anne finds herself at the center of disagreements between Mary and Charles, or between Mary and Mrs. Musgrove. Each party brings to her different grievances; to each party she must “give. . . all hints of the forbearance necessary between such near neighbours” (31).

At Michaelmas, the Crofts move into Kellynch Hall. When the Crofts pay a visit to Uppercross, Anne engages in pleasant conversation with Mrs. Croft — but is surprised by the sudden mention of Mrs. Croft’s brother. As it turns out, the reference is not to Frederick but to his brother Edward. Later, however, Admiral Croft once again mentions “a brother of Mrs. Croft’s,” noting that his visit is expected soon. Anne thus remains uncertain as to which Wentworth brother is in question. Finally, Louisa arrives and mentions that Captain Frederick Wentworth has returned to England and will be coming to visit.