Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

What do the Veil and the celestial light symbolize? Describe the different ways, both visually and text form, traditional and modern values come into conflict in the story.

In Satrapi - The Veil

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This requirement of veils is a shock to the children. Before 1979, Marjane had attended a French non-religious school where boys and girls had studied together. In 1979, the revolutionaries call for a “Cultural Revolution” in which bilingual schools should be closed because “They are symbols of capitalism.” The people are depicted as agreeing with this idea and so the children are divided between sexes. Many see the veil as a symbol of the enslavement of women. Marjane wanted to be a prophet because God had chosen her. These were his words, " Yes you are celestial light, you are my last and my best choice." Her relationship with God was really close and she would have a big discussion with him every night before she would go to bed. Certainly all the influences of the modern western world like music, movies, culture...come into conflict with the very strict conservative Islamic values, especiall towards women.