Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

What cause the breakdown of Marjane, when she was in Vienna?

What are the reasons that Marjane couldn't enjoy her freedom in Vienna? Why she started taking drugs? Why she become homless? Why she couldn't find friends that will be there when she needed them? Was Marjane just a weak person, or she was too family-sick?

I am going to write an essay about Marjane in Persepolis, so the answers for all (or some of) the questinons, would help me a lot!  :)

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While in Vienna, Marjane hangs out with the wrong crowd and ends up living on the streets. She makes horrific decisions, including placing her trust in a man who isn't trustworthy. I wouldn't describe Marjane as weak...... she simply needed the supervision and love of her family, something that was impossible during this period of time.