Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

what are 3 things marjane wants to changes about her world

as a praplet what are 3 things marjane wants to change about her world

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1. Marjane wants to distance herself (and have others distance themselves) from her "imaginary friend," God. She watches religious fundamentalism destroy the socialist revolution and therefore what she perceives to be justice and love.

2. Marjane would like to see a closing of the gap between words and actions. Her parents do believe in equality for workers, but their actions do not seem to match this belief to the degree that she desires.

3. Perhaps most obviously, Marjane wants to see equality for working people.

Her grandmother is the only person that knows of her holy book and her rules that all should have cars, that maids should eat with others, and that “no old person should have to suffer.” When her grandmother questions her on how she will make it so that no old person will suffer, she says, “It will simply be forbidden.”