Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

image analysis?

the question i need to answer is " choose a panel or series of panels from the section and comment on the effect of the images. How does the author use illustrations to add meaning to the text? Consider satrapi's use of techniques like pattern, shading, contrast, scale, etc". Does anyone know of any panels in the book that show 2 or more of the techniques listed? if so tell me the page number and techniques used.

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Yes there is the panel when Marji tells God to leave her alone and never talk to her again (or something like that), and there is the panel when Marji is leaving for Austria and her mother faints and her father has to carry her mother away (you can see the shading, contrast and scale very well in this panel). There are several others that could be found, if you search carefully, and a good rule of thumb is that if the page you intend to check is a very important or dramatic part of the graphic novel, than it will probably will have the elements you describe (because it emphasizes the importance of the said panel to the plot).


The Complete Persepolis (Books 1&2). Marjane Satrapi.