Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

How does marji's mother compare to other Iranian mothers?how does Marji's mom show her ingenuity?

The Passport,Kim Wilde,the Shabbat,the Dowry

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Mrs. Satrapi is Marjane's mother. She holds leftist political views and often urges Marjane and her friends to rely on education as a way to further themselves and their country. Marjane often equates her with an overbearing presence as she grows older, yet she maintains a close bond and relationship with both her parents. Marjane believes her mother is more permissive than other Iranian mothers.


As far as ingenuity, Marjane's mother sees the danger for her daughter if she continues to stay in their country. She sends Marjane away, something that is very difficult to do. Her mother knew she had to devise a way to keep her safe.