Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood

How does Marjane's family react to changes and why is the second different from the first?

They go through to revolutions. They go through the overthrow of the Shah, and the second brings a radical Islamic regime.

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Hi, yes I'm on quite a bit. I hope this helps. Marjane's mother protests against the changes and her picture appears in newspapers across Europe. She is afraid after that. The author believes that one day she will be the last prophet. She has conversations with God in which she imagines that there will be cultural and social equality and that old people will not suffer from pain. When she announces her plan, her classmates and teacher ridicule her but she retains the hope that she will one day be the symbol for justice, love, and the wrath of God. leftist political protestor that takes part in the demonstrations of 1979, yet he is also an established engineer and maintains a middle class lifestyle. Marjane learns that her Uncle Anoosh had also been in prison and she is proud that he is a hero of the Revolution. Anoosh had defied the Shah's rule by taking a position in a government that had declared independence from the Shah.


That helps but what I really want to know is about her family. How do they react to the overthrow of the Shah and then when the Islamic regime came. Then why were the reactions so different.