Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

What are some Symbolism's in the story Perfume by Patrick Suskind?

I need help understanding the symbols in the story Perfume by Patrick Suskind

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I think Grenouille becomes symbolic of a tick, a bug that feeds off of other people in order to identify himself. Like a tick Grenouille needs their essence and by doing this kills them much like a tick spreads pathogens.

Grenouille is doing just what we all do: trying to preserve a divine experiece forever. Trying to preserve something ephemeral such as youth, innocence is our eternal human struggle and as far as our life is centered upon this struggle we are all born into the misery of a "fishmarket". The pretence of specialness is our downfall, the need to fulfill a higher mission our delusion. He tries hard enough to succeed with offering all what they all wanted and hence obtains their love yet their love was never what he wanted, it isnt even her love but his own capacity to love that he has been blindly chasing and eluding in the same time. A love, that in and of its self in an exagerated manifestation is destructive.