Percy Shelley: Poems

Ozymandias" - Percy Bysshe Shelley

  1. The sestet of a sonnet is set up to resolve the problem, answer the question, or comment on the situation that is established in the octave. Discuss the thoughts as they unfold in the sestet.
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So, are you referring to the last six lines of this poem?

yes am referring to the last six line of the poem

below these are the line i have with the questons


line 1 "antique land"

line 2 "trunkless"
without a body

line 4 "visage"
face; note the pun in "visage lies"

line 8
This line may be paraphrased as "The sculptor's hand mocked the passions of the king; the King's heart fed those passions."

line 11 "ye Mighty"
refers to other kings; note a second meaning.

I think the overall theme is that all great kings and rulers eventually die and , like the person, all monuments to them rot and fade into memory