Percy Shelley: Poems

how is the real statue different from the one that Shelley described in the poem?Do these difference affect appreciation of the poem in any way?Ezplain.

In 1818, a huge statue of Ramesses 2 was due to arrive in England as part of the british Museun's colliection. Inspired by this event, shelley wrote the poem Ozymandias-without ever seen the statue.

the statue, like all the traditional statue of Egyptian kings, has a calm and kind expression, In addition, the sculptor had shown the pharaoh in an unusual way. he had angled the eyes down slightly so that the statue seems to relate to those looking at it.

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I will need the name of the poem in order to look at this more closely. Shelley's description seems as if it was pure imagination, and of course this means the statue was done justice or described accurately....... none the less, it may be a fantastic example of poetic verse.