Percy Shelley: Poems

Rosalind And Helen: A Modern Eclogue

[Begun at Marlow, 1817 (summer); already in the press, March, 1818;]

finished at the Baths of Lucca, August, 1818; published with other

poems, as the title-piece of a slender volume, by C. & J. Ollier,

London, 1819 (spring). See "Biographical List". Sources of the text

are (1) editio princeps, 1819; (2) "Poetical Works", edition Mrs.

Shelley, 1839, editions 1st and 2nd. A fragment of the text is amongst

the Boscombe manuscripts. The poem is reprinted here from the editio

princeps; verbal alterations are recorded in the footnotes, punctual

in the Editor's Notes at the end of Volume 3.