Pedro Paramo

Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo

How are the woman of comala treated? Focus on how their treatment ties directly into the primary theme of the novel.

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The novel is full of implicit criticism of a world that oppresses women. Pedro Páramo and his son Miguel see women as objects (the former for their tactical value, the latter for their sexual value). Women have little agency in their own lives or the world around them. Their lack of power is evident in a full spectrum of events - from Dolorita's failure to postpone her wedding to Donis's sister's abuse at the hands of her brother to Miguel and Pedro's rapes of villagers. Only Susana, trapped in fantasy and grief, is able to transcend the power structure, but at the price of her sanity. This rampant oppression leads to much heartbreak, pain, and ultimately depression. Juan is an interesting character to introduce into this world because he enters the story as a person very much influenced by a woman (his mother). He is someone who does not view women the same way as his father and the men of his time did. Through him, the predominately female voices of the spirits are honored.