Paradise Lost

What is your view of Paradise?

It may be irrelevant to the book, but I'm curious. Do you think

Paradise is worth dying for? I just want to know what other people think.

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That's a really tough question. Almost like religion, you take it upon faith, so if you really believe Paradise exists and it's good, then it's a matter of how strong you believe that.

I read about a woman who had a near-death experience in which she "died" on the operating table.

i really think that paradise is a mysterous thing but it is iteresting in the same time. and i think that it worth hard work not dying for it.

i need an analysis for the lines 271-282 of book one (urgent)

My View of Paradise is that, Everything that has a beginning surely have an end except the One who created the beginning and the End. The Creator is God, and He lives forever in Paradise. Paradise really does exist. There's opposite to everything that exists. Opposite of joy is sorrow, opposite of poverty is riches or wealth, opposite of pain is pleasure, opposite of evil is good, and so on and so forth. Paradise is a place where there's no pain or sorrow, no poverty, no hate, but full of Love. Trust me, it is worth dying for it. Our bodies shall be left here but our soul shall forever live. So you think about it if you would rather want to suffer eternally in the Hell Fire or rather be at Peace with the Loving God. This world did not existed automatically, but it was created and ordered. Who thought the sun where to stand in the morning? who thought the sea to come up to a certain bank without overflowing? This is not science, but sense.

What Nana say

Based on my experience of books, movies, tv shows, and other MODERN resources, (to our culture), Paradise is obviously not worth dying for. This is NOT, in ANY way, what I believe, but bear with me. Our modern society and culture teaches us the kingdom of self. That our puny, tiny, insignificant lives are somehow important. If we live only for ourselves, this is most definitely the case. But, if we live for the one true Creator, Lord, Saviour, and King, we mean something to him, and our lives now mean something. We dedicate our whole lives to making it comfortable here on Earth. If it was comfortable here, we wouldn't need Heaven, or Hell for that matter. Christ is the ultimate bridge to Heaven, and nothing can stop that if we have been chosen by God. Those who are elect will live their lives on Earth and in Heaven with God at the centre of their lives, praising him forever. 

I'm no theologian, I'm a freshman in highschool. I will tell you that I mess up, I screw things over, and if you're human, so do you. But, there is a Paradise, it's the most wonderful place in the world, and dying to get there would be a decision I'd make in a heartbeat.