Paradise Lost

what are the epic elements in paradise lost BK I

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Well, right from the beginning you have the makings of an epic that is way better than Avatar. Satan who has just fallen from heaven. The scene opens in a fiery, yet dark, lake of hell. Satan, dazed, seems to be coming to consciousness after his fall and finds himself chained to the lake. He lifts his head to see his second in command, Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, who has been transformed from a beautiful archangel into a horrid fallen angel. Satan gets his bearings and, in a speech to Beelzebub, realizes what has just happened: Satan, presuming that he was equal to God, had declared war on the creator. Many angels had joined Satan, and the cosmic battle had shaken God's throne. The scale is as large as it gets and the conflict is as epic than can be imagined. Milton's Satan is cast as more than simply a pissed off ex angel. He is rebellious and dares to challenge what man has always felt as omnipotent and the creator of all things. So, you have fiery lakes, a huge grudge match and plenty of special effects! That's pretty epic!