Pale Fire

Nabakov is a jerk.

I would like to put it to you that in fact, Vladmir Nabakov is a whiny jerk.

Pale Fire aside, I think we can happily classify this man as:

Vladmir Nabakov is simply the worst thing to have ever happened to mankind, and I hope that both his ... and fans die in a fire.

Yes, that means YOU!

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yes yes we completely agree with you man..he deserves that for making us read such schizo stuff!!!

why? his work was really great. I mean I never knew him before, but I liked his ideas through his works. of course I havent read the whole work cuz I dont have time, but the summary and commentaries over it showed he was apowrful writer, and the fact that he could criticize the world indirectly, very clever and witty of him I guess.

I am only 14 years of age and he is my favorite author. My goal before I end high school is too read all of his books, but if you want a little innocent girl to die in fire, then think. Who is really the jerk here, a dead man who wrote or a person who hopes for death? Please answer me this?