Outcasts United

In what ways does luma's life change when she decides to stay in the untied states?

In chapter one of the outcast untied book

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Luma Mufleh's life changes drastically when she decides to stay in the United States rather than return to her home in Jordan. Her parents disowned her, and her father cut her out of his life completely. She stayed in a country where she knew no one and was totally alone; she barely even knew the country in which she'd decided to live.

Living near Atlanta, she came upon some boys playing soccer, and she jumped in the game. She visited regularly, striking up friendships with the boys, and together they decided to start up a team. Luna had to find a place for them to play, she had to urge the boys to put aside race and religion in order to play as a team, and she had to do it as not only a woman, but as a foreigner as well.


Outcasts United