Our Town

What kind of home are in Grover's Corners?

The only thing I know is that its a barn, but im not sure if its right! Especially where Emily used to live

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The best description of the town comes straight from the opening dialog (our stage manager is speaking).

"The sky is beginning to show some streaks of light over in the East there,

behind our mount'in.

Well, I'd better show you how our town lies. Up here is Main Street. Way back

there is the railway station. Polish Town's across the tracks.

Over there is the Congregational Church; across the street's the Presbyterian.

Methodist and Unitarian are over there. Baptist is down in the holla' by the

river. Catholic Church is over beyond the tracks.

Here's the Town Hall and Post Office combined; jail's in the basement.

Here's the grocery store and here's Mr. Morgan's drugstore. Most everybody in

town manages to look into those two stores once a day.

Public School's over yonder. High School's still farther over. Quarter of nine

mornings, noontimes, and three o'clock afternoons, the hull town can hear the

yelling and screaming from those schoolyards.

This is our doctor's house, Doc Gibbs'. This is the back door.

This is Mrs. Gibbs' garden. Corn...peas...beans...hollyhocks...heliotrope... and

a lot of burdock.

And this is Mrs. Webb's garden. Just like Mrs. Gibbs'. Only it's got a lot of

sunflowers, too."

Quote by Professor Willard:

"Grover's Corners...let me see...Grover's Corners lies on the old Pleistocene

granite of the Appalachian range. I may say it's some of the oldest land in the

world. We're very proud of that. Some highly interesting fossils have been

found...I may say: unique fossils...two miles out of town, in Silas Peckham's

cow pasture. Shall I read some of Professor Gruber's notes on the

meteorological situation...mean precipitation, et cetera?"


Our Town