Our Town

What actions did Emily in the play and what prompts her actions?

I only put the one that Emily talk to George about his behavior change, what other action would be important to know?

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I'm not sure what you're asking here. Are you looking for information about what actions prompted Emily to act or respond in different ways to different circumstances?

Yes! How did she act in each circumstances especially about Act 1

I mean act 2, sorry!

Emily's nervousness before her wedding almost changes everything. She turns into a frightened, insecure, little girl, and is afraid of leaving her family. Everything comes to a standstill when she tells her father she doesn't want to get married, she wants things to stay as they are, and she even reverts to reminding her father that she was supposed to be his girl.

None-the-less, after a good talking to and a promise from George she goes through with the wedding, but she definitely suffers from a lack of self-confidence and needs a promise he'll love her forever (unconditionally like her dad).

Thus her response to nervousness is to become a bit childlike.


Well, if you love me, help me. All I want is someone to love me.


I will, Emily. Emily, I'll try.


And I mean for ever. Do you hear? For ever and ever.



I do.