Our Town

the time that has elapsed between act 1 and act 2 is how many years?

how many years is it between act 1 and act 2?

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The Second Act begins much like the first act, but three years later on Emily and George's wedding day. Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs talk about how young the couple are, and what their own marriage was like in its early days. George goes next door to visit Emily, but her parents prevent the bridegroom from seeing his bride; he chats awkwardly with Mr. Webb about the value of marriage.

The Stage Manager interrupts and presents a flashback to a year previous, when George and Emily first realized that they were meant to be together at the end of their junior year of high school. George has just been elected class president and Emily elected class secretary and treasurer. While walking home, George asks Emily why she does not treat him the same way she used to, and she says that he has changed a lot since his success as a baseball player. She says that George has grown arrogant and has failed to notice her affection. George says that he appreciates her criticism and will try to change, and that he hopes she will write to him when he goes away to college. After talking about it a little more, George realizes that he does not want to go away to college after all, not if it would mean losing interest in the people of Grover's Corners. He asks Emily if she would possibly be his girl, and she says that she always has been.


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