Our Sister Killjoy

how ama ata aidoo criticized the african leaders after independence

to speak about the national bourgeoisie and the educated elite anh how aidoo speaks about them in her novel

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Once independence from direct British colonial domination had been secured the very different interests of many of those who had fought together against colonialism became increasingly apparent. The national bourgeoisie steps into the shoes of the former European settlement(...)its mission has nothing to do with transforming the nation; it consists prosaically of being the transmission line between the nation and a capitalism, rampant though camouflaged, which today puts on the masque of neo-colonialism. What becomes apparent is that all that has been won through the anti-colonial struggle is a new national bourgeoisie which is no different than any other bourgeoisie.The Black leaders have created their own elite oppressing the masses instead of a white elite oppressing the masses.