what is the great difference between desdemona and emilia?

what the main differences among desdemona and emilia? furthermore, what the secret behind using that slan language in othello, that's all for now

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The great difference between Desdemona and Emilia (in my opinion) is that Emilia unlike Desdemona is much more experienced in life. They have a lot of differences in the way they talk and act.

Emilia isn't really loyal to Iago, Think about the end of the play when Desdemona swears that Othello didn't kill her and Emilia gives her husband out for being the murderer of everyone with his lies.

Desdemona has never even thought of engaging sexually with anyone other than Othello, but at some point in the play Emilia admits that she would be unfaithful to Iago in the right circumstances.

Desdemona is much more naïve to her ideas of life and marriage while Emilia has been battered around throw hers.

The main difference between the two is that Emelia is Desdomona's slave. Desdomona is of a higher class of person than Emelia if you will. This is emphasised in the ways that they speak and their general demeanor. Desdomona speaks very metaphorically whereas Emelia uses a lot of slang and her speech is very common for the times that the play was set in

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