What is effective in Othello's first speech of Justification lines 76-94?


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Othello addresses the company, admitting that he did marry Desdemona, but wooed her with stories and not witchcraft. Desdemona comes to speak, and she confirms Othello's words; Brabantio's grievance is denied, and Desdemona will indeed stay with Othello. Othello's speech before the assembly shows what he believes Desdemona's love to be; he thinks that Desdemona's affection is a form of hero-worship, and she loves him for the stories he tells, and the things he has done. He believes it is his allusions to strange peoples and places, like the "Anthropophagi," that fascinate her, and this youthful fascination forms the core of her affections. Indeed, his powers of language successfully win the Duke over, and soften Brabantio's disapproval.