what impression do you have of Iago throughout act 2

how was iagos attitude

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Iago, much more than anyone else in the play, is always aware of what his status and his chances are; he is sharp enough to know when his plans are going to work, and when he needs to change his approach. "If consequence do but approve my dream, my boat sails freely, both with wind and stream" (II.iii.63-64). Perceptiveness is yet another motif in the play; it helps Iago do all of his dirty deeds, yet condemns Othello and Cassio when they cannot muster up enough of it to see that Iago is up to no good. Iago takes advantage of this flaw, and sets the quarrel in motion. I get the sense that Iago's motivations are not even for revenge rather than to cause chaos and suffering.