references to othello in act 2 scene 1

Othello Cambridge school Shakespeare

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"The ship is here put in,

A Veronesa. Michael Cassio,

Lieutenant to the warlike Moor Othello,

Is come on shore. The Moor himself at sea

And is in full commission here for Cyprus." (Lines 26-30)

"But this same Cassio, though he speak of comfort

Touching the Turkish loss, yet he looks sadly

And prays the Moor be safe. For they were parted

With foul and violent tempest." (Lines 32-35)

"Pray heavens he be,

For I have served him, and the man commands

Like a full soldier. Let’s to the seaside, ho!

As well to see the vessel that’s come in

As to throw out our eyes for brave Othello,

Even till we make the main and th' aerial blue

An indistinct regard." (Lines 36-41)

These three references all deal with Othello. He is mentioned throughout the first scene of Act II regularly.


Othello, Act II/ Scene I