Othello says to Iago, "Give ma a living reason she's disloyal"(3.3) What story does Iago tell Othello in response?

Act 3 scene 3

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Iago tells Othello that he recently shared a bed with Cassio. He told Othello that he couldn’t sleep because of a toothache, and he heard Cassio talking in his sleep. Iago said that Cassio was dreaming anout Desdemona and telling her, "Sweet Desdemona, let’s be careful and hide our love," after which he grabbed his (Iago's) hand and attempted to kiss him. Lastly, after a another kiss, Cassio said, “Damn fate for giving you to the Moor!”

As far as Iago was concerned, his story would send Othello over the edge with jealousy...... and of course....... it did.