In Act 4 Scene 2, Can you describe the artistry of Shakespeare in writing the confrontation scene between Othello and Desdemona.

Act 4 Scene 2

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Shakespeare set the stage for the confrontation as if we're witnessing a trial; the downside....... all of the evidence is stacked against her and the jury (Othello) has already reached a verdict. She's become guilty in the recesses of his mind; his vision has been colored by false witnesses and inuendo. The artistry in this scene lay solely with Desdemona's character, and by this I mean her CHARACTER. The fact that she is completely innocent, not to mention unaware of everything transpiring around her speaks volumes about the woman.

For us as readers, or as an audience, this scene is one of the most visual and articulate scenes we'll ever witness. You can almost see Desdemona as she answers her accuser. I've often flinched when reading Othello's words, not only in the words he uses........... but in the way they're directed.