In Act 3 Scene 4, How is Desdemona’s purity and innocence emphasized in this scene?

Act 3 Scene 4

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Desdamona's innocence and purity is embraced throughout the play, but never more so than in this scene. She finds herself amidst jealous accusations and indescribable temper, and yet she continues to argue for the man she's accused of being unfaithful to her husband with. She's so innocent that she just doesn't get it. Every word she speaks does nothing more than stir Othello's suspicions to greater heights, but her purity and naivety stands out like a beacon because rather than cower she continues to do the right thing. She hasn't learned about deceit and doesn't know how far she's been drawn into Iago's web, ot that her husband has become completely ensnared by the man's insinuations.