How is Desdemona a puppet of Iago?

from play Othello of shakespeare’s, act 2 scene 1,2,3

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In fact, Iago can use any character in the play as his puppet. Roderigo, Emilia, cassio, Othello and Desdemona- all are manipulated by him. He does not talk to her or convince her to act upon his counsel. He knows that she is innocent and kind lady who will not anticipate an intrigue. Therefore, he uses other characters to make Desdemona act his will. His wife provides him the handkerchief of Desdemona and Cassio, on his advice, requests Desdemona to plead his case before Othello and get him reinstated. Othello has been brainwashed by him. Culminating in her murder, everything just happens the way he had planned for her. She does act like his puppet.